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Rockstars U11: Exclusions vs Executions

Rookie Rockstars MD in leather balls taking on powerful FSSC VA.

Photo: AppAdvice

After a long hiatus, Rockville Rockstars are back with a decent outing against FSS. A windy, chilly, deceitfully sunny Sunday did not deter the passion and commitment of both the parents and the kids. It only seems to be ever increasing and eternal in this part of the world. A warm-up game is really a good warm up for boys and my blogs as well.

Rockstars walked in with 10 players without a couple of their core players such as Cole and Zaheen. Both surprisingly, the run controllers of RR as per the records. Akshay, an ex-bowie kid who was practicing in the batting cage last Saturday was another noticeable miss, which could have helped us put up a better show. Commitment and availability have always been our known issues for the last four years, this is where Plan B and backup strategy help the team. Big kudos to our boys in graduating into leather balls, a pro-league status.

The way — our kids carried, played, and persisted against a quality team like FSS made us feel heroic and hallucinate for a while, as if they were into a league of big boys. Hurray! Any sport will have its ‘hits’ and ‘misses’ so was the Sunday’s one. Being a friendly match, nothing was wrong to have been as much friendlier as we could. Sport is all about letting kids cut loose and have fun within tolerable limits. Trust me, they did not violate any limits other than being bearing the cold and wind, and some blows to their body. Per U12 rule, it’s high time, they’re independent and inquisitive by themselves – not letting external and irrelevant factors to disturb or deviate their focus. Glad to see our boys withstanding the assault of FSS and played out 20 overs till the pen-ultimate ball. This bunch of U11 boys daring the pro U12, U14 boys and dictating terms is not really a joke and not a thing of small deal.

Manav and Adithya opened our innings with a positive note – a proud moment for Manav to open our very first U12 leather ball match, which he can nourish in coming days. Adithya, one of the youngest kids (4th grader), facing those fierce attack from FSS shows how gutsy is he going to be as he evolves. Krish, is another 4th grader, our blue-eyed boy, following the first wicket fall displayed his classy, wristy strokes that even RR Coach Javed walked up to and pointed it to fellow boys on how to hang in there and apply techniques.

Losing our second wicket in two overs invited Saayuj into the defense who played one of the longest innings in his career, almost taming the FSS attack unlike campaigned; Krish and Saayuj were almost set untill one miscommunication costed Krish’s wicket through run out; Pranav joined the defense and survived well with his hard-hitting style until a not-so good delivery knocked off his bails, the wind during the match seems to be one of the factors where our boys could not read ball’s seaming quality. Satvik walked in and consolidated the fall of wickets with some good hits and running between wickets – consistent coaching and grooming will make him another dependable RR boy.

The captain-pair Jai and Shenal replaced the pair to put up some runs on board; they tried their best, getting lucky with two runouts; some great shots and running between wickets gave us little more runs to defend. Jai, our first legitimate U11 player to graduate to U12 officially, looked great, was running good as well. His innings ended abruptly losing our resistance further more.

Losing Jai, Maaz joined Shenal to improve the score briskly as the game progressed; Maaz looked good either; the wind pace and cold could not let his energy convert into runs. Shenal looked promising and was at good touch; yet another fall of wicket brought in Saketh, the ever-positive, excited boy of Rockstars crew – so joyful to have watched his enthusiasm in running into the rope twice to play for RR – first time when Satvik got bowled on a no-ball delivery; second when Saayuj got hurt.

Leaving 3 overs for Saketh, who tried his best to beat the wind and score runs that he could achieve. Losing all our big hitters Shenal, Jai, and Maaz, Saayuj was brought in to play remaining 8 to10 balls, where he could score a couple; losing his wicket, Satvik and Saketh wound up the innings leaving Saketh remained unbeaten of the ten.

Chasing this modest total, FSS completed the formality within 5 overs by losing one wicket off Krish to a great catch by Saketh in the square leg, though a few more grassed catches would have increased our confidence index over all, which is tolerable too.

Thus, RR maintained all the jibes, gossips, fun and friendliness within a tolerable limit without making us cry over missing family time and long commute; ignoring  some exclusions and improving our yet-another execution(s).

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