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Maryland Youth Cricket – MYCA Annual Event 2019

MYCA hosting yet another grand event at Holday Inn, College Park. Way to appreciate, acknowledge year-round effort by leagues, boards, teams, managers, coaches, players, and parents.

Photo: MYCA

Maryland Youth Cricket Association (MYCA) wound up its year-round season 2019 by hosting a grand event at Holiday Inn, College Park, MD.  The jam-packed auditorium was full of pretty faces and bright blazers, attires of kids and parents. For a moment, when we walked in — it reminded us a floor of auction bids of classic portraits or techno start-up fund-raising event.

Glitz and glee

Jamie Harrison (Chairman), Sham Chotoo (Treasurer), and Sandan Kumar (Secretary) invited all the guests, participants and made each feel comfy from the go.  The interiors, arrangements of trophies and tables were of typical award function treatment.  After all the hard work and hot days wearing shoggy jerseys with insecure state of match results out on the field — the evening was filled in with all  the smiles, fragrance, positivity, best of garbs, and assurance of awards.  

Family time and fun

Timely services, condiments, and refreshments by the table attendants added more vigor and sugar to celebrations. Jamie offered a very concise opening speech walking us through the memory lane of MYCA since its inception year 2010 and thanking all those volunteered souls and services. The guest speech as was short and sweet invoking interim laughers among those silent, anticipating award winners. Sham Chotoo spoke of spoke about the significance of the first ever girls cricket league in the USA and the first local girls cricket team.

Band of boys and parents

The presentation of  those sunny-day photos  on the screen was another flash point of the event, which attracted the participants look for photos of theirs or their kids in action — bowling actions, umpire signals, batting swags, high-fives after wickets, chasing the ball, screaming coaches, engrossed parents, and what not. 

Moments to cherish

It was more than an evening of awards as there were more handshakes, photo opps, and giggles, hobnobs, and poses throughout.  Glad to see coaches, the most animated creatures during those matches, having some healthy conversations and obliging to pictures, as though nothing had happened before, which their players must learn from and apply them in life — when to act how.

Moments to cherish

Moms, the unsung heroes of the evening and non-playing siblings, the privileged tribes were full of smile and excitement as if their names were what were written on those trophies and awards. When it comes to name, we deliberately omitted our ideas of mentioning any names in our coverage as everyone else put in the same amount of effort and contributions. Naming all will be difficult and ignoring some will be a disservice, so we wanted our readers to have a complete feel of – being part of the sport than assuming to be billboard boys overnight — after reading this article. 

MYCA’s girl participants were cynosure of all eyes, having seen them only in those flannels and not in their pretty attires. They were less in number but their contributions to the sport is immense indeed. One name that we decided to call out for her exceptional achievement is Lisa Ramjit. Some of us were too occupied to take a picture with her without realizing her achievement in this sport — youngest player to have ever represented and played for US National Women Cricket team from Maryland. MYCA honoring her ‘sportswomanship’ was one of the highlights of the event. 

Ladies and girls

The evening was no more quiet once the dinner was served – the floor was hijacked by the noise of forks scraping, dishes clattering, and much more, though it did not last long, probably the appetite was not for the food but the trophies and titles.  The decibel scale went little more with screams, and catcalls once the ‘orange’ metals were distributed per group, teams. The players were jubilant and joyous with surprise as if none told them before the party and they’d not seen the pamphlet of winners.  There were instances where a couple of players so handful with trophies and medals that they required more help to carry.

Temperature inside were slowly on the rise due to more anatomy in action after food and awards, the blazers were covering the chairs; some coats were laying on those round tables; some folks were walking around with soiled overcoats  with full of joy and sense of achievement. The fun factor of an award ceremony is to shed one’s inhibitions and relish the outcome of all the hard work and dedication, which we witnessed when there was a queue up for sipping hot tea and coffee. 

“Every good thing needs a break so does MYCA season this year”

Boys after relentless, demanding leagues such as MYCA, SAC, NYCL, CCYL, WCL cooling  off their heel at the event was a statement to themselves that ” hard work pays and you’ll always have your day if you work hard.”

Felicitating Guest, Chairman, Administrators, and Coaches

A well-organized, non-alcoholic event ended happily with a vote of thanks and more photo flashes before any shirts going off due to temperature and tranquility inside.

A well-organized, non-alcoholic event ended happily with a vote of thanks and more photo flashes before any shirts going off due to temperature and tranquility inside.

To enjoy more photos, click the following MYCA’s official Facebook link. 

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