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Tokyo Olympics 2020 – Fun Ahead

Pierre de Coubertin – The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not winning but taking part; the essential thing in life is not conquering but fighting well..

Photo: Olympic Org

Why Tokyo 2020?

Natural catastrophies – earthquake and tsunami devasted the economy of Tokyo and eastern Japan. In order to uplift the economy and instil confidence to its governance and administration, Olympic Committee seems to have approved Tokyo’s bid to host Tokyo 2020.

When is the official kick off?

July 24th 2020 is the openining ceremony while some prelim games such as Softball, Soccer will start on July 22nd

Have Japan hosted Olympics ever in the past?

Yes, Japan hosted its last Olympic event in 1964.

What are those new sports included in this Olympics?

Skate Boarding, Surfing, Karate and return of Softball and Baseball.

Which cities the Olympic games played in?

The majority of games will be held in Tokyo and its suburbs.

How many people or visitors are expected?

Per Tokyo Olympic Committed, it is going to be around 500-600000 visitors from Japan and foreign countries.

What is the best mode of transport to sports venue in Tokyo?

Public Mass Transport System in Tokyo will be the best option, though multi-national cab services such as Uber, Didi will also be at their best besides those local taxi services.

“Olympism, philosophy of life which places sport at the services of humankind”

How about accomodation?

Any season events will increase the price of consumer goods and services in and around. The demand-driven industry will always ecnash these opportunities. AIRBNB, GroupOn are some options one can think of.

How about  Tickets to the event? 

Looks like the residents get the first preference of tickets through lottery whereas the foreign visitors shall buy tickets from

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