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Noors Sports – Local Store, International Standards

Moden Cricket store serving North American cricket enthusiasts through conventional and online stores

Photo: Noor Sports

Noors Sports (NS) has been into existence since 2015 operating from Maryland. It’s one of the first Cricket stores in the region with all types of cricket brands selling from head to toe at a discounted price, yet maintaining the original factory quality.

Advantage of shopping at Noors Sports is that one can walk-in and pick one’s size, brand, and try which is not possible in online or offshore stores. One of the challenges for kids or youths or adults to shop a cricket equipment is its size and fit. Size and fit matters a lot when you play the sport out in the field.

Friendly services, 24/7 accessibility, affordable prices, options of various brands, and quality are those factors that set Noors Sports apart from other sellers. NS sources its goods across cricketing regions such as South Asia, Africa, Europe, and Asia Pacific.

“Size and fit in choosing cricket equipements is the key to success, especially for kids”

Shopping their online stores is an easier option once you know your size, brand, and fit. First time shoppers in the region can always walk into the store and pick their choice of willows or other equipment. Being a father of three cricketers at home, Noors Sports gets you the best of cricketing goods and services without any compromise on quality and specifications.

Noors Sports sells all types of gears and kit from international brands. You can always custom order if a brand is not available at the store. The cost of shopping through other stores and ordering through NS still remains the same. The best part of NS is that it accepts returns or recommends you another product that may match your needs. This helps you save a lot of time in shopping around and missing out on using the equipment or gears during important games in the season.

Noors Sports is also famous for Jerseys for various sports such as Soccer, Volleyball, and Football besides Cricket being their core line of business. Design options, correct size, color, and other specifications of their Jersey meet international quality. Noors Sports has been a constant supplier of Jerseys and other accessories for various leagues and seasons across the country.

Noors Sports also sponsors various lead cricketers and other sports personalities who deserve financial and equipment support.  Currently Noorssports is the official sponsor for Maryland State 14U teams  of 35 players — both Travel and A team for three years.

Some of their notable sponsored players are:

  • Amandeep Singh – 14U MD State and LTC
  • Ch Shams and Towker Khan – Herndon Bengals CC
  • Husnain Bashir – Sixers CC

For more information on your sports equipment and sponsorships, contact:

Noors Sports
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